OGX is the EBX Group company that operates in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas. Created in 2007, the company has a portfolio of potential resources estimated at 10.8 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe).
OGX is the largest private sector company in the oil industry in Brazil, with 33 exploratory blocks located in some of the most promising sedimentary basins in Brazil (28 blocks) and Colombia (5 blocks). More than 90% of its portfolio is located in shallow water or on land, ideal conditions for the development of projects with rapid implementation and lower cost, both for exploration and for production.
One of the company’s main qualities is the presence of a team with large experience in the oil and gas industry, responsible for some of the major oil discoveries in the country in recent decades and dozens of production projects developed. Unparalleled seismic data, professionals with expert knowledge and a set of nine drilling rigs operating in parallel culminated in a large-scale exploratory campaign and a rarely seen effectiveness – with an 80% exploratory success rate in the drilling activities. In approximately three years of exploratory activity, the company has drilled more than 120 wells, in the largest private sector exploratory camping in Brazil.
OGX’s oil production was initiated in January 2012 in the Campos Basin, in the Tubarão Azul field (Waimea accumulation). In the fourth quarter of 2012, OGX will begin the production of natural gas in the onshore basin of Parnaíba, where it has identified large accumulations.
Since it was founded, OGX has already invested more than R$ 10 billion in its activities in Brazil, which means that it is the main private investor in the oil and gas sector in the country.

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The first 30 wells drilled by OGX have a total extension of 138 kms, equivalent to the distance between Rio de Janeiro and Volta Redonda​