The combination of a diversified portfolio, large-scale investments and highly qualified team ensure that the OGX conducts the largest and most effective oil and gas exploratory campaign ever carried out by a private company in Brazil, with more than 100 wells drilled and exploratory success rate of approximately 80%.

OGX invests in the acquisition of seismic data in its key operation areas. Constantly updated, the data are used to identify opportunities and optimize use of drilling equipment.

The company’s great results in the search for new reserves can be largely attributed to the experience of OGX’s Exploration team, led by professionals with more than 30 years in the industry, whose resumés include some of the most important discoveries of oil and gas in Brazil in the last decade, including the pre-salt area and new provinces in the Santos, Campos and Espírito Santo Basins.

OGX’s exploratory campaign is now being directed towards the delimitation of the size of the discoveries already made.

In order to ensure an exploratory campaign which is at the same time extensive, quick and effective, OGX, soon after it was founded, devoted itself to acquiring the first asset essential to reach this goal: the production of differentiated geological data.

One of OGX’s first initiatives was the acquisition of seismic data from companies specialized in geological surveys, both in 2D – which cover large areas – and 3D  – more accurate and sophisticated, allowing for three-dimensional visualization of sub-surface rock structures. With this, it is possible in the early stages to delimit regions with the greatest potential for oil and gas accumulations, and then refine data in order to define future drilling.

In 2008, OGX initiated its own seismic survey program, hiring the top companies in the world for the project. The work began in the Campos Basin, with the hiring of the vessel Ramform Valiant, owned by Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS), which was soon joined by more vessels for surveying the Santos, Espírito Santo and Pará-Maranhão Basins, in addition to teams working on the onshore blocks in the Parnaíba Basin.

At its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, OGX also has a virtual reality room, which allows the 3D visualization of geological and geophysical data, bringing to Brazil the most modern technology in the oil and gas industry. This room provides an environment for immersion and integration between Exploration teams, contributing to faster decision-making and greater precision in data analysis. See photos and details of OGX’s 3D room.

On advanced stage of its successful drilling campaign in wildcat wells, with the discovery of different accumulations and opening up new frontiers for oil and gas production, last year the company entered on a new phase in its exploratory campaign. Part of its drilling structure, rigs and technical team started the process of delimiting the discoveries already made – which means confirming the extension of the accumulations already identified by the company.

In the Campos and Parnaíba Basins, the well appraisal campaign is advanced, with dozens of appraisal wells drilled around the pioneer wells, to get a more exact idea of the size of the discoveries. This activity is more intense in the Campos Basin, where most of the appraisal wells were drilled next to the Waimea, Waikiki and Pipeline accumulations, but also continues at a fast pace in the Parnaíba Basin, in order to optimize the beginning of onshore production.

The intense pace of OGX's drilling campaign is ensured by its Integrated Operational Support Center, which brings together in one place different companies providing drilling services. Working together with advanced technological resources and supplied with real-time information, the team assembled by OGX is capable of rapid decision making with the company’s leadership.

Campos Basin
Focus on the southern portion of the Campos Basin
Santos Basin
New gas and condensate region identified in this basin
Parnaíba Basin
Important natural gas accumulations identified
Espírito Santo Basin
Considered to be a new exploration frontier in deep water

OGX 2.0

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The total area of OGX’s 33 exploratory blocks is equivalent to 90% of the surface area of the State of Rio de Janeiro​