Even before the beginning of production in the Campos Basin, OGX signed a commercialization agreement with Shell Western Supply and Trading Ltd to sell its first oil production. The sale to a major oil company demonstrates the quality of the oil discovered by OGX and also the execution capability of the company’s exploration, production and commercialization teams.

The first shipment of oil was delivered on March, marking the beginning of the company's cash generation. A total volume of 1.6 million was delivered to Shell of which intends to  process in one of its refineries.

In October, the fourth shipment of approximately 800,000 barrels was delivered to Reliance Industries Ltd., one of the world's largest refineries and India's largest private company.

OGX’s commercial area works actively on introducing the company to the major oil refiners, traders and oil groups around the world.

OGX 2.0

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OGX is one of the 10 largest oil producers in Brazil